• A non-fungible token (also known as an NFT) is a one-of-a-kind token created on a blockchain. A standard cryptocurrency has identical tokens, for example, if you own one bitcoin and trade it for another bitcoin, you will own the exact same thing. However, every NFTs is unique, similar to a trading card, and one cannot be replaced with another identical one.


    There are many different blockchains that support NFTs, and each one has its own features and benefits. NFTs have become increasingly popular, with NFTs now being bought and sold on an active and open marketplace, representing unique pieces of digital art and other multimedia items.

  • One.Surgery is producing its own unique sets of NFTs which are unique in many ways.


    Each NFT is tethered to a time and moment in our organisation’s history, so they cannot just be created ad hoc or spontaneously for profit. Furthermore, each NFT represents far more that just a piece of digital art, as the NFT has much deeper connections, representing acts of kindness, excellence in healthcare, heartbreaking stories or hopes for a better future.

    And the sales of the NFT are not geared towards profiteering, but the on-going non-profit work of One.Surgery, with the objective of improving surgical care for everyone in the world.

  • Yes, we will never create a duplicate copy of our NFTs. For each category or token in the series, only one “master version” of the NFT will ever be released onto blockchain.

  • All One.Surgery’s official NFTs and series collections will only ever be minted by one parent token. This parent token’s activity can be monitored on the blockchain, knowing exactly which tokens have been minted and which series they belong to.

    Therefore anyone will be able to review our minting history to ensure that we have not created more than one token of the same symbol / design.

  • All our NTFs are minted on the Simple Ledger Protocol of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

  • 5 billion people in the world do not have access to safe, affordable surgical care across the world, resulting in avoidable loss of life and disability. One.Surgery has a number of innovative and cutting edge projects designed to power the global movement to improve this worldwide discrepancy. We use bitcoin cash in many ways to power our projects and sales of the NFTs will help develop our bitcoin cash projects further and faster.

  • All our NFTs are minted with a document hash of the file embedded into the minting process. A document hash is essentially the unique signature of the digital file, be it an image, video, animated gif or anything else. Our files all have a digital signature and this signature will be linked to the token.

    Therefore any owner of the NFT can cross reference any version of the digital file with digital signature on their NFT. If the digital signatures match, it means the NFT owner also owns this digital file. If the digital signature does not match, it indicates the digital file is not an authentic One.Surgery creation.

  • The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system. Essentially, any file in the IPFS is immutable, can never be changed, and is stored forever through a decentralised system.

    As well as storing the master version of the NFT on One.Surgery’s server, we will upload the file to IPFS, so that any owner of the NFT will be secure in the knowledge an immutable copy of their token will be always available. This adds an additional security if our own servers fail when trying to download a copy of the original file.

  • To be announced.

  • Yes, once you have ownership of the NFT in your wallet, you are free to do whatever you please with the token, including selling it on the open market wherever, however and whenever you want.

  • One.Surgery is passionate about cryptocurrency and its real world use cases. We partner with Bitcoin Cash as it offers low fees, peer to peer, instant, permissionless transactions. The etheruem network, in its current state, is currently unaffordable for our users to use for our use cases, including the creating and transferring of NFTs which will be used for our awards programme.

    Bitcoin Cash offers a robust NFT platform for our needs.

  • Yes, another wonderful aspect of our NFTs are that anyone who owns our NFTs, or just loves the design, can purchase physical prints of the artwork immediately from our online shop:

    This means our NFTs don’t have to be just confined to a digital wallet, but shared and admired proudly on any wall in the world!